New Work

Street Style & New Identity's

Years ago I was doing what I guess could be called street style photography before it began blowing up everywhere around 2009ish ( yes, I know Bill Cunningham was doing it decades before everyone else) but shortly after I did, I moved out of this wonderful second city of fashion to Boulder, CO "one of the worst dressed cities in America". However, since moving back to Chicago and my seeing the diversity of looks going on here... getting back into the practice of roaming the streets taking photos of looks and people that catch my eye is something I've missed greatly and intend to get back into. I look forward to continuing to produce more of this kind of work (and much better). 

On another yet similar note, I have started to put content (including these photos) on my other online identity memoryoradream.

This is a place where I post pictures of my own, alongside other artists, photographers, musicians, designers, filmakers (the list goes on) that I appreciate. It tends to bounce between aesthetic beauty, the grotesque, the humorous and the perverse.

I would like to keep this blog (the one you are currently visiting) for more of the "news" of work that I produce and this other blog as more of an intimate view of my continuing creative process. A place where I show pictures that I take (either via my camera collection or via my iphone5) in order to interact with a wider online audience (aka the blogosphere) to see their reach, the gravity these images or other works hold, and to refine and analyse my own craft. Thanks for checking in, and please follow me if you like what you see!