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Youth Job Center video

Recently I produced a video for the Youth Job Center (of Evanston, Illinois) which premiered at their annual fundraising event and 30th anniversary at The Modern Wing Art Institute Chicago.  The work that The Youth Job Center does is truely remarkable. This institution should have a place in every community in my opinion. In years past, the video's produced for this event didn't have much of a focus. I took it as my responsibility to try and communicate the work this center does using the words of those who have been directly affected and have gone through the doors of this institution; to really try and place  those who may be potential donors into the shoes of the staff and clients this community center serves.  I find that sometimes these projects may start out as simply a job and quickly become something more. I hear these individuals' stories, their struggles and their successes, and suddenly the impact becomes infinitely more clear and the impetus to participate becomes apparent. Please have a look (change quality to HD for best quality!) . 

You can also see pictures of the Gala event I took on the YJC website here.

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