New Work

Garfield Park Photoshoot

On Tuesday a few friends and I headed out to Garfield Park in Chicago (not the safest place) to go explore some locations and for me to try out some of my new (old) gear. I shot mostly on my Bronica Zenza medium format (75mm 2.8) x 100 Velvia Fuji and 35mm Canon EF (50mm 1.4) x T-max 400, but I also brought along my Digital Canon DSLR as well. I quickly learned why one seriously needs assistants for working like this. One can't move freely, shoot, direct and have an eye on all the gear at once; concentration and focus are a photographers best friend. Next time I'm bringing another friend to help lug the equipment and assist with the bounce...Photography like any craft is a constant learning process.

Here are some of the digital examples of the shoot. I'm in the process of sending over 19 rolls of unprocess film from years back, all the way to yesterday- so the negatives might take a while to get back. However, once I do have them I'll be heading over to LATITUDE a new open digital print lab in Chicago to do my first run prints for (crossing my fingers) my first gallery showing this spring/summer (location tbd). Anyhow here's some of what I got.