New Work

Remembering far off lands.

Combing through long lost hard drives and negatives in the depths of winter can be a sentimental or forlorn process. Old loves, embarrassing memories, the things we choose to forget... we are startled by those moments, thrown back into a place where our hearts and minds meld into the images we hold and view. 

Often times distance is what it takes to bring things back into focus. I noticed this when I came across my photographs from my travels through India. The intensity of the trip as well as the whirlwind of coming back to the states was one of absolute culture shock. Revisiting these photographs almost 5 years later, I have come to appreciate some of the more subtle aspects of the work I did, as compared with the images that I gravitated towards upon my arrival back home in the states. Funny isn't it; how time can imbue events with new meaning.

Scott KaplanComment